Yearly Schedule

La Casita begins the day after Labor Day and ends the last Friday in May. During the school year, La Casita follows the Santa Fe Public School's calendar. Delays or cancellations due to weather are the same as the SF Public Schools. If there is a two hour SF Public School delay the preschool opens at 10am. Listen to KVSF Radio for school closures or call the school for messages .

Morning Program

The program begins at 8:30am and ends at 12:30pm. This time is split between outdoor and indoor activities evenly, with meeting time and break time between the two halves of the morning.

During inside time, children move freely between the block and art rooms, and are able to engage with art projects, tactile materials such as play dough or gak, role-playing, and toys such as fake food, puppets and wooden blocks for construction.

While outside, children grow in strength and confidence as they tackle the swings, slide, fort, monkey bars and tree. They dig and build in the sandbox, play chase and mimic family life in the play house.  

Meeting time provides children with the opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills, and to learn songs and dances that will stay with them for life. We investigate growing things, discuss hot topics of the season and count as a group.

Afternoon Program

A limited number of children may may stay until 3:30pm or as late 5:30pm. Since it is a longer stay, these children bring their own lunch and have rest and activities after lunch. Each child gets ready for their nap or rest and are read two stories by a teacher. After a period of quiet resting or sleep, the group gathers and chooses whether to work on art projects in the art room or play outside.


our program

Children may attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week from 8:30am until 12:30pm,  3:30pm or 5:30pm.  Early drop-off is available at 8am.

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